NLMCC Board Descriptions:

The Organisation has a voluntary board with specific expertise in community matters, including a number of professionals and business people from various sectors. The organisation ensures  service user representation on the Board of Management.

The Board is responsible for the overall policy and strategic direction of the organisations and oversees all its policies.

The Director along with the staff team develops the Association’s operational programmes in order to achieve the strategic goals set by the Board.

Munaf Zeena: Chairman

Munaf Zeena is the Director of Foster Care Link, Chairman of the Council Of Indian Muslims, Co-Chair of the Muslim Jewish Forum and is a board member of the North London Muslim Housing Association. He is a central figure in the Hackney Muslim community whose has been involved in a vast numberof projects, initiatives and campaigns for the benefit of the Muslim and general community on a local and international level. He has a degree In Political Science.

Farook Alibhai: Vice Chairman

Farook Alibhai is the Director of Lazeez Catering. A highly popular individual amongst his peers and community. His strength lies in galvanising public support and was one of the main contributors to raising funds for the NLMCC’s £1million hall development project.

Mohammed Gajia: Secretary

Mohammed Gajia is a distinguished community leader who was instrumental in the establishment of the NLMCC in 1980.He is involved in various community projects including a hospital development project in Bardoli, Gujarat West India.

Ismail Amaan: Treasurer

Ismail Amaan has been the Director of Foster Care Link since 2004, a national Independent Fostering Agency specialising in finding Muslim families for Muslim children. He was previously the Director at NLMCC for several years. He is a graduate from the University of London. He was instrumental in the establishment of Ihsan Childrens’ Centre and was co-founder of the Muslim Jewish Forum of North London.

Ebrahim Lunat:

Ebrahim Lunat is a successful business man who has been involved with the NLMCC since it’s formative years as the Young Muslim Cricket Club in 1977. He is also former chair of the organisation.

He is highly respected within the community and brings a wealth of experience and a stabilising influence to the organisation.

Mahmood Bham:

Mahmood Bham has been involved in community projects for over three decades. His strength lies in his enthusiasm in promoting the NLMCC’s services and activities amongst all communities.

Naser Patel:

Naser Patel currently serve as the Company Secretary at North London Muslim Housing Association where he  oversees and participates in the strategic and future direction of the organisation. He also serves on the board of Faith in the Future, a community based organisation delivering employment and capacity building opportunities.

Hisall round knowledge enables him to take a holistic approach to solving issues and delivering objectives through collaborative working and in an evidence based framework.

Ayub Patel:

Has been involved in various aspects of the NLMCC’s development, ranging from it’s sports activities, user forums to the board.

He has worked for Hackney Council in the Housing and Leisure department.

Ismail Bawa:

A successful business man who has excelled in enterprises in the hospitality and customs clearing sector for over four decades.

He is also a former Director of the NLMCC and secretary of the North London Muslim Housing Association.

His strengths lie in developing projects and services.