The Ihsan Children’s Centre is a place where families, carers and the children in their care between the ages of 0-8, can come and access a range of educational and fun services and activities to support their child’s development.  Families can also access support for specific issues relating to their child’s wellbeing, or issues that the adults are facing in their own lives such as isolation, unemployment, stress etc.

The package of services that we offer will help our users achieve positive outcomes in their lives.

We deliver many different services which include; stay and play drop in, holiday play schemes, day trips, exercise classes, crèches, child-minder’s support, outreach and home visits, employment & volunteering service, adult learning courses and more.


Our Children’s Centre Opening times are:

Monday – Friday: 9.15am – 4pm

Our activities and opportunities focus on the following 4 core service priorities which we have developed by working closely with and speaking to adult users of our services.

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Child Development & School Readiness

We deliver child focussed services based on the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum (EYFS).

Our activities and services support the personal, social and emotional, physical, communication and language development of children up to the age of 5, so that they can develop into confident and curious learners and are ready to take full advantage of the learning opportunities presented to them when they start school.

Our activity programs consist of the following activities to achieve this aim;

  • Stay and Play drop in’s
  • Child-minders Drop in’s
  • Day trips
  • Holiday Play schemes
  • Fundays
  • Fathers & children activities
  • Positive parenting workshops
  • Home learning workshops
  • Free 15 hours per week 2 & 3Year old nursery places
  • Outreach

Promoting Healthy Lifestyles

We deliver services that raise awareness of the harms of unhealthy lifestyle choices for families, along with positive physical activities to support good health. This helps to prevent the families and children that use our services from developing the health issues that are common within the communities that we serve such as; obesity, heart disease, cholesterol and diabetes.

We also work closely with local health visitors, speech and language therapists and other health professionals to help families and carer’s to ensure their child stays healthy.

We deliver the following services and support to achieve this;

  • Healthy lifestyle workshops for families
  • Children’s healthy eating and cooking activities
  • Children’s Gym
  • Adults Exercise Classes
  • Adults healthy cooking and lifestyle information and activities
  • Breast Feeding Support
  • Weaning
  • Baby Health Clinic
  • One-to-one support for adults and children with health needs

Adult Education & Employment

We understand that sometimes parents and carers can get so caught up in looking after their children that they can struggle to find the time to fulfil their own ambitions or needs. We are at hand to help parents and carers to organise their lives and get their foot onto the ladder. We can help parents and carers to learn English, study a course, volunteer or find a job.

We deliver the following services;

  • ESOL classes
  • IT support classes
  • courses
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Employment support (CV & application writing, interview skills)

Supporting Vulnerable Children

A child can be vulnerable for all sorts of reasons. They or their parent or carer may have a debilitating special educational need or disability, the house that they live in may need substantial repair, their parents or carers may be struggling to pay for the bills, clothes or food.

A child is vulnerable if their situation puts them at risk of not developing as well as they should.

We deliver the following services to prevent children from becoming vulnerable, and if they are vulnerable to ensure they are appropriately supported;

  • Road Safety awareness workshops and activities
  • Child Safety awareness workshops and activities
  • Fire Safety Awareness workshops
  • Home Safety loan/ Equipment
  • Safety courses (i.e. First Aid)
  • Close support for families with children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities
  • Sensory needs equipment
  • Close support for families with safety issues (i.e. relationship breakdown, abuse, homelessness, substance misuse)
  • Information Advice and Guidance Support
  • Referrals to the multi agency team


If you would like to attend our services or just find out more, please contact us on the details below.

Our Senior Management team is:
Children’s Centre Manager:                             Mohammed Amejee
Children’s Centre Services Managers:            Salmah Kansara & Asma Gajia

In Person:
Drop-in during our service times at our premises;

North London Muslim Community Centre
66-68 Cazenove Road
Stoke Newington
N16 6AA

By Telephone:
Speak to our staff on 020 8806 1147 (Extension 3)

You can email us on