When I was a young person I use to take part in NLMCC activities all the time. I use to play for both NLMCC colts cricket club and nlmcc football team. During my adolescence I use to wonder what working at NLMCC was like. In 2016 I managed to get a job at NLMCC as a youth worker. I love working here and I find the job at hand extremely rewarding.


I have been a member of NLMCC youth service since 2019. NLMCC has helped me develop my social skills as well as my confidence in a sports setting. During my time at NLMCC I have made many new friends which has encouraged me to continue participating in majority of new activities. before I joined NLMCC I barely had anything to do with my spare time and now I have plenty of activities I can join.


I’ve been coming to the youth services since I was 8 years old. I love that I have had a chance to meet new people who have now become some of my closest friends. I also like the different activities that we do, my favourite is arts and crafts. If it wasn’t for centre I would be bored at home.


I have been a member at NLMCC for as long as I can remember, NLMCC has been a big part of my life as I love participating in activities with my friends. If there was not a youth service in my area, I would be playing my PlayStation or spending time doing nothing on my phone.


During my youth I was actively involved with the youth centre. I participated in various activities which improved my social, mental and physical skills. During my youth I was involved in many sports such as Football, Cricket, Table Tennis and Pool. I had a keen interest in coaching and helping others develop their own physical skills. As NLMCC was the place I spent most of my weekend, I enjoyed the social aspect where I can regularly meet new friends. I also attained work experience in the youth service on weekends where I exercised my A level PE content and transferred what I learned for assisting others in sport.


I started coming to centre for the play scheme activities. I did lots of cool things like ice skating, trampolining and went to Chessington. Coming to centre made me feel confident in talking to new people, and I like talking to the youth workers who are very friendly.


I joined the youth centre in 2016 after my friends who encouraged me to come and take part in activities at NLMCC. I met many different people where I was able to improve my confidence and social skills. I saw NLMCC had a big hall where different sports can be played and since then I haven’t looked back.